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McCormick County Sheriff's Deputies

Here are our Deputies. We are proud of each and every one of them. Each has undergone rigorous training to become part of our team. They have completed the interview process which includes a thorough background check, a drug screening test, and a check of their driving record. Each deputy is then sent for extensive training to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. There they enrolled in 9 weeks of legal and physical training. After successful completion of the Academy the officers are then ready for further training with the department's Field Training Officer. Depending on department policy each officer must train for weeks or even months with a superior officer to learn to interact with people of all walks of life. Throughout his career each officer must continue to train in legal and core classes to be updated of new laws and policies. There are also classes in which an officer can specialize in areas that interest them.



100 Sheriff George H. Reid
101 Chief Deputy Gable
102 Lt. J. Crawford
395 Lt. T.O. Willis
103 Cpl. E. Crowder
104 Cpl. E.F. Strom
105 K-9 Officer C. Coxe
106 R. Shorter
107 C. McBride
109 R. Price
111 B. Ouzts
112 B. Rushton
110 Retired in memory of J. Cartledge


114 W. Middelton
115 J. Burt
116 Callaham
117 Quiller
118 J. Harper

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